Our Mission

The Center for Excellence in Aging & Community Wellness stands at the nexus between universities and communities collaborating to create new knowledge and to translate existing knowledge into practice.

The Center for Excellence in Aging & Community Wellness (CEACW) is a translational research center that develops, tests, and implements innovative practices and policies. CEACW’s diverse research, training, education, planning and service activities synergistically work to improve the creation, delivery and sustainability of evidence based practice models.

As a translational research center, we promote the adoption of effective, innovative practices and policies that address the needs of aging persons, their families and caregivers with an emphasis on vulnerable and oppressed populations.

The Center for Excellence in Aging and Community Wellness, organized within the University at Albany’s School of Social Welfare and initially supported by a series of grants awarded by the John A. Hartford Foundation, partners with state and local agencies in the development of research, training and services to:

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