Castor oil – its incredible properties and applications in cosmetics

The castor oil is only one of the many oils with versatile applications in health and cosmetics. It is collected from an exotic plant that mainly grows in Asia and Africa. Its main properties include the ability to neutralize inflammation and high Antioxidant content.

Healing properties

The most famous action of the oil is its purgative action, although it also comes in handy when battling other ailments. Hot compresses using castor oil alleviate headaches, stomach aches, or even back pains. It was very long ago when it started being used to remove skin discolorations, birthmarks, or even warts. One could therefore go on and say that for many years it’s been a Universal remedy for most of the known dermatological ailments.

Castor oil for hair and scalp

The castor oil has been used for centuries as a natural hair growth and scalp treatment. It was especially widely used in the ancient Ayurvedic recipes. In recent times, however, its popularity has grown significantly pretty much everywhere in the world. It found interest among numerous bloggers and celebrities, which attracted attention from nearly all enthusiasts of natural methods of beauty care.

The castor oil, above all, has an antibacterial and fungicidal action, it also has a high content of vitamin E and omega-6 and 9 acids. On top of that, is has a high concentration of the ricinoleic acid, which makes it even more beneficial for the skin and scalp. Its composition allows it to mitigate plenty of skin problems.

Some anti-dandruff shampoos don’t actually eliminate the dryness and the causes of dandruff, just get it more “stuck” to the scalp. In this context, an oiling treatment is much more effective for better nourishment of scalp and dandruff removal.

castor oil

Castor oil for nails and skin of hands

It has a soothing and Regenerating effect on the skin of hands, plus it also strengthens nails. You can rub your hands for the night with the oil and put on cotton gloves or have a hand bath in a slightly warmed-up oil.

You struggle with splitting nails or uneven plate? The castor oil will deal with it fast. It’s a good idea to use it every evening, rubbing it thoroughly both in the nail and in the skin. After a month of systematic oiling of nails, you will notice the first results.

Castor oil for face

OCM, or the Oil Cleansing Method, consists of cleansing the face with natural oils. This method could boil down to the concept of fighting fire with fire, or Removing greases with the greases present in natural oils. A face cleansing mix consists of 1/10 castor oil and 9/10 grape seed oil (dry skin) jojoba oil (oily skin) or almond oil (normal skin). All you have to do is apply a warm, wet towel on a face coated with oils, wait for 2-3 minutes and remove the excess oil.

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