Home remedies for heartburn

Do you ever feel a burning pain in your chest after a meal? Do you have a feeling of the sour gastric juice is backtracking into your oesophagus? It is probably heartburn. Get to know the tested ways to battle it.

The causes of heartburn

The main cause of heartburn is the relaxing of the muscle separating the oesophagus from the stomach. The correctly functioning sphincter shrinks after the swallowed food goes through the oesophagus, therefore preventing it from going back. In the case of it not tensing, a reflux can happen. The relaxing of the muscle may happen due to smoking cigarettes or consuming of certain foods or meducation (oral contraceptives, calcium channel blocker, nitrates, anti-anxiety medication or heart medication).

Heartburn can accompany the irritation or inflamation of the oesophagus, an increase in the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach or hiatal hernia of the diaphragm (where a part of the stomach is relocated above the diaphram and into the chest). Lack of saliva production is also an important, however a rare factor that may cause the heartburn. Saliva, having a slightly alkaline pH, neutralises the hydrochloric acid remaining in the oesophagus and its excess in the stomach. Read below home remedies for heartburn.

How to avoid heartburn?

For many people, heartburn appears usually after a larger meal. In this situation, it is enough to follow a few simple rules, which will prevent us from getting the unpleasant afflictions.

  • Eat 4-5 smaller meals every day, with 3-4 hours inbetween them.
  • Eat with no rush, chewing every bite thoroughly.
  • If you know that certain products cause heartburn, avoid them in your diet.
  • Try to avoid heavy and greasy foods.
  • Stop smoking and decrease your comsumption of alcohol, fizzy drinks and beverages rich in caffeine.
  • After meals, reach for alkalising products, e.g. almonds.
  • If you do sports, train a few hours after eating.
  • Laying down directly after a meal increases the chances of getting heartburn, therefore you should not eat directly before bed.
home remedies for heartburn

Home remedies for heartburn

  • Tea with ginger root
    You can try ginger root tea or homemade ginger root infusion. The root of the plant is able to help for many stomach or digestion issues. Drink it half an hour before a meal – it will work like an acidic buffer.
  • Spices
    Linseed (in form of a mixture or as an addition to food) is great at fighting heartburn, as it has a strengthening and soothing effect on the oesophagus’ epithelium, as well as helping in digestion. Caraway (1 tablespoon taken with water or as a spice for meats and other dishes) is also good as an antispasmodic and stimulating the production of stomach acids, as well as ginger root, absorbing acids and soothing for the oesophagus.
  • Linseed
    The recipe for linseed for heartburn is really simple. Pour hot water into one tablespoon of ground linseed and leave covered for 15 minutes, then drink the thick gruel in small sips.
  • Almonds
    An effective and natural heartburn remedy – almonds. Almonds neutralise the excess stomach acid.
  • Water with baking soda
    It is also helpful to drink a glass of warm water with half a teaspoon of baking soda. The baking soda neutralises the alkaline pH, which can get rid of the burning.
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