Liver-cleansing diet

The human liver is constantly exposed to harmful influence of toxins. It might be damaged by bad eating habits, medicines, impurities in food, viruses and bacteria. Still, the liver is the only organ in the human body that, when damaged, can regenerate itself (even by 50 percent).

An overloaded liver starts malfunctioning

In most cases (80 percent) Improper functioning and damages of this organ are caused by excess alcohol drinking. And it doesn’t matter if you drink 2 shots of vodka or 4 beers a day – that’s the same dose of alcohol. The cause of poor functioning of liver, Including its enlargement, might be steatosis. It has the ability of breaking down fatty acids, converting them into fat and passing it further into the body. When there’s too much fat, though, like when it comes from food, the liver “gets fat”, enlarges and won’t function properly.

Steatosis also occurs with overuse of medicines, as they all eventually “pass” through the liver. Ailments can also be intensified by going on extreme weight-loss diets, especially the one-sided ones (like the cabbage diet, the protein diet) or prolonged fasting. So if you’re on a diet, for the sake of your liver you should make sure not to lose more than 4 kg a month. A liver works poorly when the daily diet lacks raw products rich in digestive enzymes and fiber.
A liver-cleansing diet can significantly help process of regeneration.

Liver – detoxification

A way to support the liver that will help free it from impurities, boost its regeneration, might be liver cleansing with a detoxification treatment. A full liver cleanse takes eight weeks.

The diet consists of replacing three bigger meals with smaller ones consumed 5 or 6 times a day. The meals should be fresh, not reheated. Products that require thermal processing should be steamed or cooked with a small amount of water under a cover. Frying should be Avoided. A good solution is braising food in water with added virgin plant oils or baking in a foil. It’s a good idea to include stale bread or toasts in the diet.

The products to eliminate from the daily diet should include:

  • dairy: milk, cheeses, cream, yogurts, butter, margarine, eggs,
  • red meat,
  • wheat bread,
  • sweets: sugar, jams, preserves, chocolate, cookies, biscuits, ice cream, salty sticks, roasted peanuts,
  • mushrooms (Including champignons),
  • alcohol,
  • coffee, strong tea.
liver-cleansing diet

A liver-cleansing diet should include, on the other hand:

  • vegetables: all kinds of greens, plus carrots, beets, bell peppers, tomatoes, turnips, potatoes,
  • grains: pea, lentil, rice, linseed, soy, walnuts, almonds, sesame, sunflower, oat and rice bran,
  • bread: dark, coarse-grained,
  • sweets: very low quantities of honey, molasses, halva,
  • fresh fish: sardines, trout, tuna,
  • fats: cold pressed oil, sesame butter, soy pastes,
  • soy milk,
  • leguminous sprouts,
  • fresh vegetable juices,
  • fresh and dried fruits.
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