Our advice on what exercise set for home to choose

You’re thinking of exercising at home? Or maybe you already exercise, but are wondering how to make your workouts more effective? We have prepared a short list of devices that might come in handy during your sport-related challenges.


When going to the gym, we always bring along our outfit. A loose and comfortable costume will also be needed for exercising at home. It might not seem necessary, but there are legitimate facts in favor of a dedicated outfit for working out outside the gym. First of all, a comfortable outfit is a synonym of comfort and safety. Outfit is the first choice in exercise set for home.


An exercise mat is another example of a Simple yet very Useful exercise tool. Of course we can exercise on the rug, but in most cases it’s not good for the rug itself or the person exercising. A mat can save us from unpleasant abrasions and insulate us from the cold floor during workouts.

exercise set for home

Jump rope

It’s been a long time since the jump rope was only associated with children’s toys. Its success is definitely partially owed to the cult movie where Rocky Balboa was preparing for a big fight. It’s a good idea to follow his example and also grab a jump rope.


The stepper is without a doubt one of the most effective and best devices for working out leg and buttock muscles. On top of that, working out on a stepper allows to Strengthen abdominal muscles as well as tone the whole body nicely.

Rowing machine

A rowing machine is a Standard piece of equipment at most gyms and a very Useful exercise equipment for Home workouts. Thanks to replicating the movements of muscles present in rowing, working out on a rowing machine engages several muscle groups at the same time: from arms and forearms, to shoulders and chest, all the way to the abs.

Exercise balls

Ball exercises? To many people it doesn’t sound very serious, but it’s actually the exact opposite. That’s because this kind of exercise gives Great results and is also a lot of fun. An exercise ball works great for all the people who have no problem maintaining their balance.

Pull up bar

A pull up bar allows to effectively exercise the arm muscles under the weight of one’s own body mass. Such device can be installed on a pretty much any door frame. It is better to invest in a good and reliable equipment though, as Chinese knockoffs for a few zloties only look good, but when confronted with a load they like to break or slip out of the door frame. A good and safe stretch-bar won’t be a huge expense while allowing to make the Home workout plan more diverse.

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